Clean Ups with BugOut

Green VI has partnered with BugOut because we have a similar objective; it is our responsibility to keep our islands clean and safe from mosquitoes that cause disease. This partnership strengthens Green VI’s and BugOut’s community education and outreach as we share the same outcome; to tidy up our island and organize the waste streams in an environmentally responsible way.  


BugOut is a community-driven initiative developed to protect the Virgin Gorda community within the British Virgin Islands from diseases spread by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes, including Zika, dengue, Chikungunya, and West Nile Virus.


Combining a comprehensive integrated vector management strategy combined with groundbreaking community mobilization, citizen participation, and new technologies – these form a unique approach to vector control in communities facing vector-borne diseases.

Our program consists of two connected initiatives;

1.   BugOut’s Community Vector Control Team Program – Our vector control team, including out two community-based vector control officers (VCO’s) specialize in source reduction, mapping, community engagement, and education.


2.   BugOut’s Community Mobilization Program – A comprehensive effort to transform mindsets and improve participation in the community’s fight against Aedes Aegypti.


For more information please visit BugOut!